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Easter Greetings from our World Coordinator

Thursday the 15th of April


The mystery of the Incarnation begins with Mary's “here I am” and culminates in Easter. That “here I am” that becomes availability, trust, vocation, is the response to the call of the Lord who does God enter into the history of humanity.

In the days preceding Easter Sunday, there are others “here I am”, those of Jesus.

In the Last Supper Room, together with his friends, even knowing that some of them will betray him by denying the trust he had placed in them, He breaks the bread with everyone: “Here I am, take me, eat me, let me be part of your life.”

When he bends down to wash the disciples' feet, it is like saying: “Here I am, I am making myself like you so that you can be like me. I make myself your servant so that you can learn to serve.”

In Gethsemane, where the frailty of the flesh struggles with fear and the desire to flee from the test, He replies: “Here I am Father, not mine but your will be done.”

On Calvary, He does not yield to the people's request to come down from the cross. He does not make special effects, but addresses the Father: “Here I am, in your hands I entrust my spirit.”

Out of the grave, He appeals to the women: “Here I am.”

That empty tomb is the greatest sign of Hope for each of us. Because from the empty tomb Jesus precedes us in Galilee to tell us again “Here I am.”

The Passover of Jesus is a call to be sprouts of Hope in our daily life for all those we meet.

Now, it's our turn to take our vocation in hand and answer “Here I am!”

Happy Easter of the Lord.

Antonio Boccia
World Coordinator
Association of the Salesians Cooperators