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Christmas Greetings

Friday the 24th of December

Our World Coordinator, Antonio Boccia has sent this Christmas message to all Salesian Cooperators around the world.

“True light came into the world, the one that enlightens every man. He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not recognize him. " (Jn 1: 9-10)

Despite everything, this year, too, the Lord chooses to come into the world. John writes that He is the true light, the one that illuminates every man.

We often go to look for this light in the "things" of the world. We worry, anxiously, about everything "needed" to experience the best Christmas ever. We worry about things to "do" and fall back to living a Christmas in a "conventional" way.

This year I invite you to read John's verses meditating on them from another perspective. The "world" that the true light has come into is our heart. Yes, He has come to dwell within us. That's where he wants to be! We must welcome him, give him space, be amazed by this truth, similarly as we as children stood in front of the nativity scene looking at the Baby Jesus, staring at him with the look of wonder that only a child can have.

As Salesian Cooperators, lay people in the world, we must witness and announce the true light that dwells within us, to those people we meet in daily life, in all situations in which the Lord leads us to be. Help them recognize that light that has also come for them.

Let us make the seed within us blossom, so that others can blossom as well. Then it will truly be Christmas.

Merry Christmas of the Lord to everyone.

Antonio Boccia
World Coordinator
Association of Salesian Cooperators