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A Note from our (Acting) Treasurer

Friday the 1st of January

Dear Salesian Cooperators,

I have just finished the end of year accounts for the Salesian Cooperators GBR Province and they show a healthy bank balance a little over £2000. We did however make a loss of a little over £350 in 2020.

The money held by the Provincial Council is vital to enable the work of the Salesian Cooperators in the GBR Province. It is this money that covers the mundane things that we all benefit from – public liability insurance being foremost in that category. This year we have invested in a new website to celebrate and promote the vocation of Salesian Cooperators. Perhaps most crucially this money allows us to organise and resource formation events for Salesian Cooperators – and there will be a program of these events coming in 2021 once we are able to meet freely again.

One of our primary sources of income is the annual subscription. Every Salesian Cooperator is asked to pay a £10 annual subscription which is usually collected by their local Centre and forwarded to me. Detached Cooperators (those who do not attend a local Centre) pay their subscription directly. This is easy to forget – and we are not always good at reminding people. I have just set up a Standing Order for my annual subscription and I urge you to do likewise. If you email [email protected] I will provide you with the necessary details.

Wishing you all the very best for 2021.

Matt Jeziorski
(Acting) Treasurer