Our Vocation
Way of Life
Promise - Salesian Cooperators


After the period of initial formation has been completed, the Aspirant makes their Promise as a Salesian Cooperator. This Promise expresses the Aspirant's will to live their Baptism according to the Way of Life of the Salesian Cooperators. The formula of our Promise is:

O Father, I adore You because You are good and love everyone.
I thank You for having created and redeemed me,
and for having called me to become part
of Your Church
and for having me come to know in Her
the apostolic Family of Don Bosco,
which lives for You at the service of the young
and of ordinary folk.

Drawn by Your merciful Love,
I wish to love You in return by doing good.
For this reason,
to live out the Project of Apostolic Life of the Association of Salesian Cooperators with commitment:

Give me, O Father, the strength of Your Spirit,
so that I might know how to be a faithful witness
to these commitments.
May Mary, Help of Christians, Mother of the Church, assist me and guide me in this life choice. Amen.

This Promise was originally developed by Don Bosco to encompass what it meant to live as a Salesian in the world.